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Friday, 1 January 2010

00.0 Blog Introduction

Over the next 12 months I plan to write and explain how to develop your architectural details and model them in Revit. I’ll run through analysis of the detail, modelling the basics, modelling the advance parts, adding the 2D detail for final touch-ups and more. This is to help all new Revit users, students learning architecture and to develop the general knowledge base in the Revit community. The first 4 topics will be;

January    - 01 Full height glass partitions
February  - 02 Concrete basement wall, masonry external wall & floor junctions
March       - 03 Ceiling Details
April          - 04 Roof details and steel work members

All comments and tips are welcome!


Jomar Filho said...

Oi! Meu nome é Jomar, moro em Natividade, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Há algum tempo venho acompanhando o seu blog e só tenho a agradecer-te. Que Deus o abençoe. Forte abraço.

Jomar Filho

Hi! My name is Jomar, I live in Nativity, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There is some time am accompanying his/her blog and I only have to be appreciated. That God blesses him/it. Fort hug.

P.S.: Excuse me for the possible mistakes in the translation of the message. I don't speak English and for that I am using a translator, Power Translator Pro.

Jomar Filho

Peter McCarthy said...



Nick said...

This stuff is just awesome. do you mind if i adapt your workflow to metric and teach it to my students?

Peter McCarthy said...


Thats fine, i have some metric stuff later on, i mix it between the 2.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter!

You are so kind. Rare to find this sort of information from a professional. I'm a student and really really REALLY appreciate it all. I see you have retired your blog :( Please come back :)