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Monday, 15 February 2010

02.1 Analysis of Basement Wall Detail - Part 1

Finally i get to move on to the next chapter of my blog, the first 2 months were somewhat of an experiment to find the correct format, number of images vs text etc. but now i think i have it down.

Basement wall 3D Section 1

Basement Wall 3D Section 2 

This chapter will be on basement walls, suspended slabs, beam and columns junction. The suspended slab will be in this case precast hollowcore concrete planks with a structural screed on top. If we take a look at the freehand detail we can decide what elements are involved and list them. Below section 1, 2 and 3

Even though it might look detailed and difficult to find a starting place, you can do a simple task which i call 'system family study', this is the process of drawing as many complete rectangles over the main frame of the building to distinguish how much of the detail you can do with just the basic system families such as walls, floors ceilings etc. Below is an example of how i would break it down.

As you can see you can break down the detail into many simple objects and just one or two complex objects, if you look at the area between the top of the basement wall and suspended slab, (the area of the concrete with a red outline) you are left with a profile shape which you can make a profile family for, import it into the model and assign it to a wall sweep that you will attach to the main concrete wall. You notice the difference between the profile in section 1 and section 2. Other tricks are unlocking a layer in the external wall family to extend down the brick.

List of components.


See the next blog for video tutorial. hopefully it will be posted over the next few days,



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