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Saturday, 27 March 2010

03.2 - Parapet Detail - Video modeling

Part 2 of this parapet detail, note i made one mistake, i said "ceiling" at a certain point but i meant "roof", its somewhere in the middle, please ignore. Please see Video below for details



Tuesday, 23 March 2010

03.1 - Parapet Detail - Analysis

This detail is on a Parapet junction with a flat roof, it consist of a couple of walls, floor, roof, hosted profiles and some line work. The principle is there is a cavity external wall at the lower level that has a wider innerleaf of blockwork/CMU, there is then a suspended concrete slab that rest or is supported on the innerleaf. The external leaf extends past the slab and joins with a parapet wall that is slightly wider, the roof build up consist on concrete screed laid to falls, insulation and single ply membrane which sits on the concrete slab. You must note that both the floor slab and roof build up will be drawn in plan so it is important to consider where the roof starts and stops considering it will have falls/slopes which could mean you detail or levels might not work. After you model the roof you should cut a couple of sections to see if you roof detail is working and then delete unneeded sections. Below is a free hand sketch of the detail and list of components which I think are in the detail.

From the detail you note that I’m modelling the concrete capping as a swept wall profile, for these types of objects you generally pick a top corner of a wall (on one side) which means you need you offset the profile to one side, see sketch below for detail.

Next blog will be the video tutorial, hope to have it posted by next Sunday


Friday, 12 March 2010

Training Project Demo Video

Hey Guys,

I promised I'd post a demo of a training project I'm working on, its based on a project I've done about 7 years ago when i first started working. The project was done and complete in AutoCAD. It was a really interesting exercise, i basically had all the drawings complete and worked out, all i need to do was to figure out how to model in an advanced way to recreate the same end result, this meant i could experiment with different methods to see which give me the best result or get me the closest result that matches the original drawings.

From this model I've based the 02 - Concrete basement chapter and plan to have the following chapters loosely based on this model as well,
03 Parapet, Flat roof junction with cavity wall below,
04 Curved metal roof with purlins /joist and custom gutters and maybe custom edge pieces
05 What appear to be complex concrete cast insitu elements
06 'Revit Project' the experiment (6-8hr in total set of videos which show how this project is built from start to finish)

The next post is likely to be the last weekend in march, Please post any comments, tips or questions. Video Link below.



Wednesday, 3 March 2010

02.3 Concrete Basement Wall - 2D Work

Continuing on from my previous 2 post, this is the final part of this detail. We now add the 2D work and annotation. We will use some filled regions, repeating detail components, 2D Lines, text and dimensions. See video tutorial below for details,

Concrete Basement Wall Detail - Video 2

I'm having trouble loading the video please click on link above