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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Join geometry to cut geometry...Huh!

I had some good comments on my ‘Concrete Basement detail video’ a couple of days ago about the method of unlocking layers in walls and extending them down, the other option which I completely forgot is the simple ‘join geometry’. If done correctly it will actually delete or cut the wall to get a similar effect to the method of extend wall layers. Note it will only work in certain situations not all. Below is a quick video showing 2 situations on my previous post. The join geometry will work for one detail but not the other this because the detail of one is too complicated for the ‘join geometry’ and there is not enough objects to continue cutting the wall. The other detail is perfect for this as it is a simpler details and the wall and cutting slab stop on the same line.

Any other suggestions or tip please forward.




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