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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Profiles and Their Parameter in a Project


This is a quick video about a question one of my followers Steve had asked about how do you modify the parameters of a profile that is attached to the gutter family within the project environment? This is based on the curved roof tutorials i done a couple of weeks ago. The secret is that to modify the parameters you actually need to search in the project browser under 'families', then under 'profiles', then expand your profile name and on the type name right click and enter the properties, this will now bring the parameters available within the project environment. See video below for more details.





Stevemc said...

Another great tutorial thanks alot Peter.
Cheers Steve

Anonymous said...

it would be great if you explain the reference lines above the actual gutter that you drew. I tried everything exactly as you said and it works, except when i load it into my project and attempt to use it on a roof as a gutter it wont allow me to do so. Under Category and Parameters i set it so that is a Gutter, so why isn't it working in my project?

I have a feeling it might have something to do with those unmentioned extra reference lines and maybe it has to be so far away from the actuall roof etc. not sure thanks

Peter McCarthy said...

It could be a number of things, check that you have no overlapping lines or duplicates, the actual lines are a closed loop, the reference planes are infact reference planes and not reference lines as these will break the closed loop, check that the dimension parameters do not force the profile to self-intersect. on the project side after you assign the profile to the roof gutter tool it will generally only work on simple enough roofs, roof cut by voids and curved elements are sometimes tempermental. hope this helps.