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Sunday, 30 May 2010

06.4 Revit Project The Experiment - Video part 2 - (Structure 1)

So far this chapter of my blog is going well, I’ve had over 270 views of the 1st video since last Sunday which is a record for me. This next video part is based on the structure of the building including the foundations, concrete basement, columns and beams. We'll (like a real construction site) work from the bottom and work up, I’ve split the structure into 2 videos the lower B1 and 01 Level and then the 02 level(2nd video).

In this video we cover;

1. Making a workset Editable
2. Adding type marks to columns and beams
3. Placing walls
4. Modeling floors
5. Modeling foundations
6. Placing columns
7. Adjusting top and bottom offsets of walls and columns
8. Placing beams
9. Adjust the beam start and end values
10. Making wall profiles and attaching them to wall sweep and placing them
11. Joining walls and floors, and also Walls  and wall sweeps
12. Changing the view range of a floor plan view to unlimited.

Below is the structure 1 video



Saturday, 22 May 2010

06.3 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 1

Hey All,

Its here the start of the videos for 'Revit Project the Experiment', my experiment is to show you how to model and annotate a project in 12 (half hour) videos or so, some of the work I'll do in the background this is to avoid showing you repetition of tasks and reduce video length but I'll explain how to do it all. This video contains the setup of
  1. Worksets
  2. Central and Local files
  3. Levels
  4. Grids
  5. Wall, Floor and ceiling types
  6. Loading in Column and beam families
  7. Tidying the file of unwanted wall families etc.
  8. Synchronising to central

Sunday, 16 May 2010

06.2 Revit Project the Experiment - Settings

Hello All,

Just one more week before i start the videos but here are the first 9 categories listed to give you an idea of what is involved. Note; I'll show how to set each of theses in the first video which will be the file setup video, I'll probably leave the list of the remaining categories until i get to the stage of placing them in video 5-8 or something like that. I've given both metric and imperial measurement so everyone can follow along. Sorry but i had to split the wall types list image into 2 which makes them different sizes but they are readable.

Wall types part 2

Review these for now and next week when we start you'll have a better understanding of what is going on and will be able to apply the same setting to your own file and follow the tutorials to the end.



Monday, 10 May 2010

06.1 Revit Project the Experiment - Intro

A cut section of the projects we'll be doing over the next 2 months

Over the next 2 months i plan to record myself building a fully working revit project that will be a total of 6 to 7hr of video watching broken down into 12 half hour videos or so.

First we need to prep our template file with revit components, system families, levels, grids etc. so leading up to the first video in a couple of weeks time, I'll itemise all the components in each category and give you time to setup the same setting. The following categories will be highlighted in the next 2 weeks or so.

01 Worksets
02 Phases
02 Levels
03 Grids
04 Wall types
05 Curtain wall types
06 Floor types
07 Ceiling types
08 Column types
09 Beam types
10 Door types
11 Window types
12 Stairs types
13 Railing types
14 Roof types
15 Profiles/Wall sweep
16 Furniture
17 Electrical Fixtures/Lights
18 Mechanical Components (lifts)
19 Entourage
20 Site Components
20 2d components
21 2d Line work
22 Filled region

If your new to revit and you want to do something similar for your own project it might be best to collate all this information in an excel file first and then transfer it in to revit one by one.

Hopefully once the whole exercise is finished you be able to watch all the videos in a one day session.