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Sunday, 16 May 2010

06.2 Revit Project the Experiment - Settings

Hello All,

Just one more week before i start the videos but here are the first 9 categories listed to give you an idea of what is involved. Note; I'll show how to set each of theses in the first video which will be the file setup video, I'll probably leave the list of the remaining categories until i get to the stage of placing them in video 5-8 or something like that. I've given both metric and imperial measurement so everyone can follow along. Sorry but i had to split the wall types list image into 2 which makes them different sizes but they are readable.

Wall types part 2

Review these for now and next week when we start you'll have a better understanding of what is going on and will be able to apply the same setting to your own file and follow the tutorials to the end.




Anonymous said...

Can I ask: How did you add the Materials list to your Wall Schedule? Was this done manually? Thanks!

Peter McCarthy said...

Yeah this list was put together in excel so it was done manually, i'll have a look over the next few days to see iy you can get revit to list it automatically.


Tony C said...

What is the advantage of so many worksets? Some I can see, but specifically why doors and windows?

Peter McCarthy said...

that a good question and i usually go back and forth between how many worksets i use. when it comes down to it, it is really personal preference. For the doors and winsows they could be combinied, i sometimes review all the walls in 3D and instead of using the 'model' catergory in VG and turn all the different elements off,i go to the workset tab in VG and turn of workset off. I feel theres more control when there is more worsets but thats just me.

Tony said...

Can you make a detailed video on how you you created your material list, and created your wall types on excel and import them from excel to revit?


Tony said...

can you make a detailed video on how you created the material list for your wall schedule. also how you improted your excel file to revit