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Saturday, 22 May 2010

06.3 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 1

Hey All,

Its here the start of the videos for 'Revit Project the Experiment', my experiment is to show you how to model and annotate a project in 12 (half hour) videos or so, some of the work I'll do in the background this is to avoid showing you repetition of tasks and reduce video length but I'll explain how to do it all. This video contains the setup of
  1. Worksets
  2. Central and Local files
  3. Levels
  4. Grids
  5. Wall, Floor and ceiling types
  6. Loading in Column and beam families
  7. Tidying the file of unwanted wall families etc.
  8. Synchronising to central


Tony C said...

Excellent Presentation so far.
Thanks for the effort.

Bruno M. Picinini said...


excellent blog you have going on here. I'm actually going through all your posts from beggining, they all got some pretty good info there ...

Thanks again for taking the time,
Bruno M. Picinini

Peter McCarthy said...

Thats great to hear, your comments makes it worth while doing.



Juan Carlos said...

Hi Peter,

As a Recent Bachelor of Architecture graduate, I find your tutorials not only enlightening as a how to use revit guide but also as an important design tool. Here I have not only learned how to build the revit model, but also how buildings are assembled. I've also learned the importance of a planning phase before modeling, and the breaking down of a detail into parts helps out so much when it comes time to model the building.

Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog, and i await anxiously your next video.

Juan Carlos Moreno

Bo said...

Great series first of all.

My question is, is there a 'purge' method for a project that's been around for a while and had so many hands working on it? I'd like to clean up the families and groups in the project but rather intimidated by the long list of them when they're expanded.


Peter McCarthy said...

Under the manage tab, theres 'purged unused' it lists everything that has not been placed and will delete them out.

You can also open a 3D view and turn each workset on and off or do each category one at a time under the visual graphics(VG), if you do category a day you'll get there soon enough.

Angel said...

hi! i can't see these videos.No longer available?

Angel said...

I saw these videos once they are really useful, but now I cannot see

Peter McCarthy said...

Videos are unavailable until saturday the 6th if watching online, you can watch all videos if you download the file posted on a later post

Angel said...

Thank you for responding to my consulting your work is a great big help. Thanks