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Sunday, 30 May 2010

06.4 Revit Project The Experiment - Video part 2 - (Structure 1)

So far this chapter of my blog is going well, I’ve had over 270 views of the 1st video since last Sunday which is a record for me. This next video part is based on the structure of the building including the foundations, concrete basement, columns and beams. We'll (like a real construction site) work from the bottom and work up, I’ve split the structure into 2 videos the lower B1 and 01 Level and then the 02 level(2nd video).

In this video we cover;

1. Making a workset Editable
2. Adding type marks to columns and beams
3. Placing walls
4. Modeling floors
5. Modeling foundations
6. Placing columns
7. Adjusting top and bottom offsets of walls and columns
8. Placing beams
9. Adjust the beam start and end values
10. Making wall profiles and attaching them to wall sweep and placing them
11. Joining walls and floors, and also Walls  and wall sweeps
12. Changing the view range of a floor plan view to unlimited.

Below is the structure 1 video




Jeff Thomas III said...

You are doing something awesome here. Is it at all possible to post downloadable versions of your videos for offline viewing?

Peter McCarthy said...

unfourtunatly i do not know how to set that up. i'm using a video hosting site called 'screencast' and it looks like you can only view the videos but not download them. I'll have a look over the next couple of posts to see if there is any setting i can do.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter.
Thank you for your time spent preparing and delivering an excellent tutorial so far. As requested by Jeff Thomas, a down loadable version would be very much appreciated even if it means contributing a little something. I think your time is worth paying for and I very much look forward to the rest of the videos.
Much appreciated.
Peter Akran

Gustavo Mello said...

Fantastic job Peter. Thank you very much for the time you spent on this.

Greetings from Brazil.