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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

06.9 Revit Project the Experiment - Mid point and schedule

So i may have under estimated the length it would take me to model and annotate this project but we'll get there eventually, enclosed in this post is the downloadable videos(to date) plus the proposed plan for the rest of the project.

So far to date we've done
  1. List of all worksets, wall type,floor types etc. - Text post
  2. Revit project - setup video  - 42.20minsRequires 1hr off video work to create remaining worksets, wall, floor types, etc
  3. Revit project - Structure 1 video - 30.05mins
  4. Revit project - Structure 2 video - 33.28mins
  5. Revit project - External walls 1 video - 29.18mins
  6. Revit project - External walls 2 video - 33.33mins
  7. Revit project - Walls and Site context 1 video - 28.44mins
Total video time so far 03.16.48 hr (plus 1 hr off video exercise)
The remaining exercises to complete the project are broken down into a couple of main parts,
  • Modeling ...continued 
  • Sheets and views
  • Annotation
  • Rendering
  • Revisions or major change exercise.
In the 'Modeling' section we need to do
1) External site context continued, parking spaces, kerbs, grass area, pavements, Main road, Lamppost cars etc
- estimated time 30mins

2) Curved roof, roof beams, gutters, edge flashing, patio flat roof, patio flat deck, external walkway flat roof.
- estimated time 45mins
3) External railing, upper balcony and railing, Parapet capping
- estimated time 20mins
4) Apartment's Intermediate wood floor, Beam system for floor, floor finish etc, upper floor ceiling joists beam system. etc
- estimated time 30mins
5) Internal Walls of apartment
- estimated time 15mins

6) Ceilings for apartments
- estimated time 15mins
7) Doors and windows, family shapes and types, placement etc.
- estimated time 45mins

8) Apartment Stairs, Stairs in Basement retail,
- estimated time 30mins

9) Furniture placement, Plumbing place, light placement etc.
- estimated time 30mins

10) Lift and stair core for apartment, includes concrete stair, lifts external wall and foundations, roof and gutters, floor slab and doors
- estimated time 30mins

11) Final touches, Place rooms, model some floor slabs and finishes in the retail units and any outstanding items
- estimated time 30mins

Total estimate time for remaining Modeling stage - 4hr 50mins

For the 'Sheets and Views' section we need to do
1) Setup and modify 6 section views and 4 elevations, modify scale, detail, crop boundary and visibility graphics,  Modify existing plan views, scope boxes etc. duplicate views for presentation, make 10-15 3D Cut views that corresponds with the section and floor plans
- estimated time 30mins
2) Setup all title sheets, drag views onto sheets, rename views on sheets
- estimated time 20mins
3)Creating schedules and view lists, modify appearance and filters etc
- estimated time 30mins
Total estimate time for remaining Sheet and views stage - 1hr 20mins

For the 'Annotation' section we need to do

1) Place all tags, dimensions, text, line work, DPM(section views), 2D hatch/filled region, spot elevations, symbols etc.
- estimated time 60mins
2) Legend and Note blocks
- estimated time 30mins

Total estimate time for remaining Annotation stage - 1hr 30mins

In the 'Rendering' section we need to do
1) Pick camera views, Render settings, Light settings, Material setting, custom materials, exposure settings, render times, render quality
- estimated time 60mins
Total estimate time for remaining Annotation stage - 1hr 30mins

In the 'Revisions or major change' section we need to do

1) explain the proposed change, coming up with a plan to make all the change, make the changes, check the changes, revision notes and and clouds
- estimated time 120mins

Total estimate time for remaining Revisions or major change exercise stage - 2hr 00mins

Total estimated time for all videos  14hr 26mins

As you can tell its a lot of work to do so bear with me while i get through it all, i plan to have an end post with all downloadable links for the entire series so you can download them and watch through them in one straight go (or maybe 2)


Thursday, 24 June 2010

06.8 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 6- (External walls & start of site work)

The next video for our project,

This one doesn't have that many new tricks but if your building your own copy of this model you'll need to watch it to see what i do, what elements go where etc.

I plan to upload the videos to google document so you can download them and watch them offline, the next post will have the links for the 'revit project' series to date. I'll also list what is left to do on the model as well.


Saturday, 19 June 2010

06.7 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 5- (External walls 2)

In the next 2 videos the model is really going to take shape, in this video we look at stacked walls and curtain walls, in the 2nd video we'll model the parapet walls and start to add some site information.

The Skills we learn in this video is;
  1. Creating Stacked walls and looking at the location line settings
  2. Creating Curtain walls from a blank start(no predefined settings)
  3. Placing curtain wall grids/divisions
  4. Placing mullions
  5. Changing Panel types to wall types
  6. Placing doors inside curtain walls
  7. Using the automatically embed setting
  8. Creating a Predefined Curtain wall and its settings
  9. Modifying the curtain wall grids, panels and mullions by un-pinning
That's all for this post, I have the next video recorded as well and will post it next  Thursday



Saturday, 12 June 2010

06.6 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 4- (External walls 1)

Hey guys,

Video part 4 of our revit project, this part breaks into the external walls, i could show you how easy it is to make walls in revit with standard designs but there would be no point as every new design is custom and poses different challenges, I've tried to show this by creating some unique detail (some walls half sit on a lower foundation and the other half sits on the basement structure etc.) i use 2 different methods to overcome this;
1) Splitting the wall into 2 parts and disallowing the wall joins, then modifying the bottom constraints.
2) Modifying the wall profile (edit profile)

The other skills we learn in this video are,
  1. Placing walls,
  2. Splitting walls
  3. Unjoining wall ends
  4. Modifying wall top and bottom constraints
  5. Editing wall profiles
  6. Joining /Cutting Walls with beams and columns
  7. Placing floors



Sunday, 6 June 2010

06.5 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 3- (Structure 2)

Front perspective of Concrete Structure

Cut perspective of concrete structure at front walkway.

Hey All,

If you just started following this blog, we are doing an 8-10week exercise of modeling a project from start to finish including;
  1. The preparation before you start on the project
  2. File setup, workset, template files, wall types etc.
  3. Modeling stage, Structure, external walls, internal walls, doors & windows etc.
  4. View and Sheets
  5. 2D annotation, tags, dims etc.
  6. Rendering / Presentation views
This is the 5th post on this exercise so far so i suggest your review the previous post which have '06.0 Revit Project the Experiment .......' in the title of the post. This is the second part of the structural modelling for our project, it took a little longer to show the structural modeling than i expected but that's because it involves quite difficult modeling techniques, we should hopefully be able to blaze a trail after this and the next couple of post will really make the building take shape with external walls, curtain walls, roofs, railings, internal walls doors and windows, stairs, ceilings, lifts, balconies, bathroom fixtures, furniture, site components and entourage. For now though, we have to finish the hard part, the upper layer of structure of the concrete, in this post we learn;

  1. Placing different beam type
  2. Modelling floors,
  3. Editing the profile of walls to create custom shapes
  4. Unjoining elements
  5. Joining element
  6. Changing Object styles of certain elements