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Sunday, 6 June 2010

06.5 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 3- (Structure 2)

Front perspective of Concrete Structure

Cut perspective of concrete structure at front walkway.

Hey All,

If you just started following this blog, we are doing an 8-10week exercise of modeling a project from start to finish including;
  1. The preparation before you start on the project
  2. File setup, workset, template files, wall types etc.
  3. Modeling stage, Structure, external walls, internal walls, doors & windows etc.
  4. View and Sheets
  5. 2D annotation, tags, dims etc.
  6. Rendering / Presentation views
This is the 5th post on this exercise so far so i suggest your review the previous post which have '06.0 Revit Project the Experiment .......' in the title of the post. This is the second part of the structural modelling for our project, it took a little longer to show the structural modeling than i expected but that's because it involves quite difficult modeling techniques, we should hopefully be able to blaze a trail after this and the next couple of post will really make the building take shape with external walls, curtain walls, roofs, railings, internal walls doors and windows, stairs, ceilings, lifts, balconies, bathroom fixtures, furniture, site components and entourage. For now though, we have to finish the hard part, the upper layer of structure of the concrete, in this post we learn;

  1. Placing different beam type
  2. Modelling floors,
  3. Editing the profile of walls to create custom shapes
  4. Unjoining elements
  5. Joining element
  6. Changing Object styles of certain elements


Anonymous said...

been enjoying your videos. Keep up the great work! One question, would you be showing how to adjust the model when significant changes are introduce late into a project? You're modeling quite a lot and that's a great way to show off what Revit can do, but how does one remodel efficiently? Thanks!

Peter McCarthy said...

Yeah i can do, it will be towards the end of the series so that the change is bigger(effects more objects) and more realistic(clients changing everything after you've just finished)

grateful said...

Brilliant idea to show how to make the amendments to the model & drawings. Design changes are part of life. Revit is pretty good at updating thing, which is why people shall use it.

Peter McCarthy said...

Just posted the start of the 'revision' series