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Saturday, 12 June 2010

06.6 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 4- (External walls 1)

Hey guys,

Video part 4 of our revit project, this part breaks into the external walls, i could show you how easy it is to make walls in revit with standard designs but there would be no point as every new design is custom and poses different challenges, I've tried to show this by creating some unique detail (some walls half sit on a lower foundation and the other half sits on the basement structure etc.) i use 2 different methods to overcome this;
1) Splitting the wall into 2 parts and disallowing the wall joins, then modifying the bottom constraints.
2) Modifying the wall profile (edit profile)

The other skills we learn in this video are,
  1. Placing walls,
  2. Splitting walls
  3. Unjoining wall ends
  4. Modifying wall top and bottom constraints
  5. Editing wall profiles
  6. Joining /Cutting Walls with beams and columns
  7. Placing floors




Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

First of all congrats for these amazing videos. I have one question about the video part 4 (external wall 1) in the moment that you did the floor shouldnt you change the workset to floors?? Thanks,

Peter McCarthy said...

Yeap!. you'll see in video 17-18 how i do a workset checking 3D view in which i check if all the objects are on the right view. that video will be post some time this week.



Anonymous said...

Great series Peter! I have one question also. When you moved into the part with the internal 7 5/8" block walls, why did you edit the profile to accomodate the different base heights, instead of using the Split tool like the external walls?

Peter McCarthy said...

I find sometimes if you split the walls its dificult to control to end points of the walls without disallowing the join. so sometimes i just change the profile.