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Saturday, 19 June 2010

06.7 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 5- (External walls 2)

In the next 2 videos the model is really going to take shape, in this video we look at stacked walls and curtain walls, in the 2nd video we'll model the parapet walls and start to add some site information.

The Skills we learn in this video is;
  1. Creating Stacked walls and looking at the location line settings
  2. Creating Curtain walls from a blank start(no predefined settings)
  3. Placing curtain wall grids/divisions
  4. Placing mullions
  5. Changing Panel types to wall types
  6. Placing doors inside curtain walls
  7. Using the automatically embed setting
  8. Creating a Predefined Curtain wall and its settings
  9. Modifying the curtain wall grids, panels and mullions by un-pinning
That's all for this post, I have the next video recorded as well and will post it next  Thursday



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