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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

06.11 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 8- (Roofs)

The joys of video blogging is occasionally things go wrong during videoing such as phone calls, live bands playing at the street party outside my house etc... but its all part of the fun.

In this video we model the curved roof, roof joist/purlins that are cross-sectional rotated, flat roofs with falls, gutters and verge flashings.

For this post you need to make 3 new roof types which are

R1 - Insulation over concrete
1" Roofing membrane (25mm)
0" membrane layer (0mm)
2" rigid insulation (50 mm)
0" vapour barrier (0mm)
6" concrete cast in situ (variable setting ticked) (150mm)

R2 - External Walkway

1" Roofing membrane (25mm)
0" membrane layer (0mm)
4" concrete cast in situ (variable setting ticked) (100mm)

R3 - Curved metal roof

1/4" Standing seem metal roof(5mm)
5" rigid insulation (125mm)
1 3/4" concrete cast in situ (variable setting ticked) (35mm)

The skills we learn in this video are;
  1. Flat roofs with falls(modeled by foot print)(adding points with set heights to create falls)
  2. Placing wood decking(floor type)
  3. Modeling curved roof by sketching its shape in section view,
  4. Cutting the roof shape with in-place void,
  5. Joining walls with the roofs
  6. Creating gutter profiles then attaching them to gutter objects
  7. Creating in-place verge flashings
  8. Creating roof joist/purlin families from steel beams
  9. Placing the roof joist/purlin, modifying its height and cross sectional rotation



Roof Leaks said...

I can't check out the video right at the moment, but may be later I can find time to check out the video.

Gustavo Mello said...

Great video, the best so far. But i heve one question: couldn´t you have used a beam system to place the roof beams? And this system could be curved?

Sorry my english,
gustavo Mello

Peter McCarthy said...

It might be possible, i've never tried it on a curve though, i think beam systems can only be flat, in 2 posts time i will be covering beam systems for the intermediate floor in the apartments, i'll look at it then and cover it in the video if its possible to do.



Gustavo Mello said...

Ok, thank you. I´ll run some tests here too if i can.

Gustavo Mello

gaby said...

you can use vertical opening insteed of inplace voids for roof ends :)

Gustavo Mello said...

Well, well.... i've tested with beam system and..... works!!!
All you have to do is use structural walls where the system´s limits will be, attach them to the roof and pick them with the pick supports option of the beam system. Works very well except for the beam rotation. This have to be done, as far as i know, one by one. Anyway i think it´s great news..


Gustavo Mello said...

Forgot to say you have to check the "3d" option on the beam system parameters.

Peter McCarthy said...

Excellent! i will give it a try on the next video.