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Saturday, 17 July 2010

06.12 Revit Project the Experiment - Video Part 9- (Railing)

In this post i try my best to explain railing (not all that well..) They consist of profile families for all the rail structures (handrail, glass panel etc) which are sweeped along the railing path which you draw, the second element is a 3D Baluster family for the post which are placed at a regular distances.

To be honest they are a little complicated and too rigid, i'd prefer if they acted like curtain walls where you could draw them with the preset settings and then unpin the grid positions of the posts and move them around , insert new ones or even delete some of them.

Also in this post i show how to create a wall sweep profile and family for the concrete capping for the back parapet walls.




vascolizzato said...

where can i find phil read railing family?

Peter McCarthy said...

Try Look up (type into google)
Phil Read Au class - 'Insanely Great Stairs and Railings with Autodesk® Revit®'

Theres a great PDF of the class course work AB114-1.pdf

I think you have to login to be able to download the revit file with the railings in it, you then have to copy and paste the railing from that revit file into your file as it is a system family

also his blog is at

If you email my
'revitdetail at gmail dot com' i'll see if i have a copy of the file and send it over to you.