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Thursday, 29 July 2010

06.14 Revit project - Video part 11 (Ceilings and internal partitions)


In this video we place the internal partitions and ceilings for the apartment units. we run the partitions up to the underside of the floor joists, then place the ceiling in at 8'-0" which sits perfectly under the joist/rafters.




vascolizzato said...

great work man!!! i'm very grateful to you, i'm learning revit with ur teaching.

Peter McCarthy said...

thats great to hear, let me know if there is any areas you'd like me to cover in the future.



Gustavo Mello said...

Another great video Peter. I think next one with the stair will be even better! I love, and hate, the revit's
stair tool.

Gustavo Mello

Peter McCarthy said...
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Peter McCarthy said...

sorry i had to delete my last comment, i signed it as if i was emailing my wife(Inappropriate)

yeah stairs are a bit of a pain but if you look at the blog 'inside the factory' they are doing a lot of research and i think the next release of revit will have a much better stairs tool



vascolizzato said...

i will ur follower!! for ever ur lesson are very easy to under stand, just i'll more experienced with revit i'll ask u for more or other explanation.
i beg ur pardon for my poor and dad english!