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Monday, 9 August 2010

06.16 Revit Project - Video Part 13 (Doors and windows)

What a difference a few windows and doors make, below is an image of each door and window family used.
Note: I like to rename my door names to include the type number in their name, There are a few thing i do to the windows such as change the Offset from External Parameter to an Instance type, i delete the architraves from the doors etc.

Sorry i think i say the wrong dimensions a few times in the video, i think i mixed up 48" and 84" a couple of times

There are 3 Window families and (4 type in total)
- Sgl Plain (Revit Content library)(27"x42") Type 1
- Dbl Plain (Revit Content library)
(54"x54") Type 2
(70"x54") Type 3
- Parametric_Operable_sliding_window_6387 (Revitcity)
  (120"x78") Type 4

There 4 Door families and (9 Door types in total.)
-Certain Wall-Store Front-Dbl (Revit Content library)
 Type 1 (takes the size of the curtain panel)

- IntSgl (1) (Revit Content library)
(36"x84") Type 2
(32"x84") Type 3
(28"x84") Type 4
(40"x84") Type 5

-ExtSgl (6) (Revit Content library)
(36"x84") Type 6
(48"x84") Type 7
(24"x84") Type 8

External Door Double Steel (Self Built)
(70"x84") Type 9
Image of Families
- Sgl Plain
- Dbl Plain
- Parametric_Operable_sliding_window_6387
-Certain Wall-Store Front-Dbl (Revit Content library)

- IntSgl (1) (Revit Content library)


- External Door Double Steel

Typical 3D Plan & 2D Plan
Rear View 3D

Front View 3D

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