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Thursday, 19 August 2010

06.18 Revit Project - Video Part 15- (Rooms and Furniture)

Finally the last video for the Modelling stage of this chapter, after this we start on annotation videos which will be much shorter. I did originally thought i could get this far in about 6-7 videos but it took me 15 instead. In about 6-8 weeks I'll return to individual details again

The last few things we do in this video are place the rooms, furniture and plumbing fixtures, we also model the balcony floors and some floors around the basement/ground level area.

Below is a link to download and watch offline all the video is this project to date.

01 Revit project - setup video - 42.20mins( Requires 1hr off video work to create remaining worksets, wall, floor types, etc)
02 Revit project - Structure 1 video - 30.05mins
03Revit project - Structure 2 video - 33.28mins
04 Revit project - External walls 1 video - 29.18mins
05 Revit project - External walls 2 video - 33.33mins
06 Revit project - Walls and Site context 1 video - 28.44mins
07 Revit project - Site context 2 video - 31.05mins
08 Revit project - Roofs video - 41.17mins
09 Revit project - Railings video - 20.03mins
10 Revit project - Beam systems video - 21.25mins
11 Revit project - Ceilings and Partitions video - 18.35mins
12 Revit project - Stairs video - 31.41mins
13 Revit project - Doors and windows video - 27.34mins
14 Revit project - Lift and Stair block video - 26.49mins
15 Revit project - Rooms and furniture video - 29.18mins

Total time so far: 7.25.15



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