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Sunday, 19 September 2010

06.26 Revit to FBX to 3Ds Max to Bad Ass Walkthrough

In this post i shown you in 20 minutes how to setup your own rendered Walkthrough by
  • Exporting a .FBX file type from the default 3D view in your revit model.
  • Then we import the .FBX file in 3Ds Max.
  • We set a new camera for the walkthrough, move it to the correct height and change the camera lens size to 28mm. 
  • The next step is  change the time configuration to have 500 frames and frame rate of 25 frames per second.
  • We then move the time slide and select autokey, once red we can move the camera and target. we repeat this five times, you can do more depending on what walkthrough path you want to use.
  • Now we enter the render setup dialogue, set the preset to Mental ray-daylighting, and render one frame to see if the preset works correctly.
  • Now we change the render settings to render all frames in the time segment, select a file name, location and file type(AVI) to be save, select the Codex to compress the video and then select render.
That's it, these walkthroughs can be setup in no time and have a great end result. Below is the setup and final output video(towards the last 20 seconds). Give 10-15 hours overnight for the walkthrough to finish. my laptop with 2gb of ram took about 14hours, my workstation of about 4gb ram will do it in about 8 hours. if you can setup a render farm at work it will reduce the time massively. 1 computer = 15Hr, 2 computers = 7.5 hours, 5 computers = 3 hours etc.


Thursday, 9 September 2010

06.25 Revit Project - Video Part 22 - (Rendering part 2)

In this Post we discuss
1) 3D cut section rendering,
2) Rendering exterior view with lights turned on in building

Note that each light turned on will add about 10 minute per light to a 300dpi Medium rendering(on my machine anyway, it is 3 years old after all). Below are the outputs of each render type and a really good example of where i got the internal light setting just right so you can see some of the detail on the ceiling but also a really nice reflection in the glass of the adjoining building
3D cut section render

Exterior render with lights turned on in the building
Example of good light setting in building and reflective glass

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

06.24 Revit Project - Video Part 21 - (Rendering 1)

Render Booklet Sample (above)

Basic Render (above)

2am Render(soft shadow) (above)

I've broken down this topic(rendering) into 3 video's as it takes a while to explain.

Video 1
1) A gem of a booklet that i made about a year ago on rendering,
2) Basic rendering,
3) Rendering with 2am sky(soft shadows)

Video 2
1) Rendering exterior view with lights turned on in the building,
2) 3D cut perspective renderings.

Video 3
1) FBX exporter
2) 3Ds Max Walkthrough

Below is a link to the PDF document for rendering
Rendering in Revit 1.0(final)
You can print this out as a booklet, double sided printing, bind on short edge.