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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

06.24 Revit Project - Video Part 21 - (Rendering 1)

Render Booklet Sample (above)

Basic Render (above)

2am Render(soft shadow) (above)

I've broken down this topic(rendering) into 3 video's as it takes a while to explain.

Video 1
1) A gem of a booklet that i made about a year ago on rendering,
2) Basic rendering,
3) Rendering with 2am sky(soft shadows)

Video 2
1) Rendering exterior view with lights turned on in the building,
2) 3D cut perspective renderings.

Video 3
1) FBX exporter
2) 3Ds Max Walkthrough

Below is a link to the PDF document for rendering
Rendering in Revit 1.0(final)
You can print this out as a booklet, double sided printing, bind on short edge.


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howe law said...

amazing stuff. thanks alot