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Thursday, 9 September 2010

06.25 Revit Project - Video Part 22 - (Rendering part 2)

In this Post we discuss
1) 3D cut section rendering,
2) Rendering exterior view with lights turned on in building

Note that each light turned on will add about 10 minute per light to a 300dpi Medium rendering(on my machine anyway, it is 3 years old after all). Below are the outputs of each render type and a really good example of where i got the internal light setting just right so you can see some of the detail on the ceiling but also a really nice reflection in the glass of the adjoining building
3D cut section render

Exterior render with lights turned on in the building
Example of good light setting in building and reflective glass


ElRaed_MohamedDawod said...

Peter U R Awesome :D :D

Thanks for every thing

Plessey said...


I downloaded the 15 videos at home to watch at work and show others. Thanks a million for showing your technique. The videos are excellent.

Is there any chance that you could put up the links for downloading the annotation and onward videos from Google docs like you did for the modelling videos.

Can I say thank you once again.

Peter McCarthy said...

yeap can do, i never got around to loading the last ones up as i was too busy at work, will upload them over the next few days.