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Saturday, 16 October 2010

06 Project- Revit file and remaining videos for download

So this is the conclusion to the 'revit project', the experiment i was testing to see if a whole project could be done in about 15 (half hour) videos so that you could download them all and watch them in a single sitting of one day at work. Well to be honest it didn't quite work out that way, it took considerable longer, approx 10.5 hours worth of footage over 23 videos. It also took its toll on me lasting 3-4 months from start to finish, i would of preferred to get it done in a shorter time period to keep people's interest more, but finding the time to prepare and then record the videos was a little harder than expected. It a nice little project that poses different challenges and the use of different techniques to create a nice model and technical drawings, its not too small and not too big and it has the usually problems that you find working on a real project, the beauty about this project for me was i had already built this project in autocad several years ago so all the designing was effectively not an issue for me which meant i could focus on the revit modeling and exploring different techniques. I did find when you start to go to a larger scale building the detail is lost slightly as there is so much more quanties of objects and junctions, you should decide early where you are cutting your sections and make sure that area is well modeled.

Below is a link to download the revit file. Warning! I do not take any responsibility if you recycle this model without doing the correct calculations and structural assessment etc.... now that you have the file, give it a good look over, go into all the views, turn off all the worksets in a 3d view and then turn them on one by one, check out the material setting, filled regions and photos etc. have a look at the gutter, capping and railing families/profiles, review the stairs, look at the wall types and their names and type mark. review the roof, the curved roof with the ends cut off at an angle, see how the beams and foundations are done, review the amount of 2d annotation work done to each view, you'll find there is very little. I'm sure there are some small mistakes in there somewhere but please send me any comments or question you may have. One last note it is a central file so save a copy then make a local file (Requires revit 2011 to view) you'll probably find google documents cant make a preview of the document so select 'download' from the top menu when you go into each link.

Revit Model File
06 Project Central

Video Files
01)  Revit project - setup video - 42.20mins( Requires 1hr off video work to create remaining worksets, wall, floor types, etc)

02) Revit project - Structure 1 video - 30.05mins

03) Revit project - Structure 2 video - 33.28mins

04) Revit project - External walls 1 video - 29.18mins

05) Revit project - External walls 2 video - 33.33mins

06) Revit project - Walls and Site context 1 video - 28.44min

07) Revit project - Site context 2 video - 31.05mins

08) Revit project - Roofs video - 41.17mins

09) Revit project - Railings video - 20.03mins

10) Revit project - Beam systems video - 21.25mins

11) Revit project - Ceilings and Partitions video - 18.35mins

12) Revit project - Stairs video - 31.41mins

13) Revit project - Doors and windows video - 27.34mins

14) Revit project - Lift and Stair block video - 26.49mins

15) Revit project - Rooms and furniture video - 29.18mins

16) Revit Project -  Views 1 - 20.41mins

17) Revit Project -  3D views and Workset Checking - 13.29mins 

18) Revit Project -  Sheets - 19.04mins 

19) Revit Project -  Annotation Part 1 - 26.07mins

20) Revit Project -  Annotation Part 2 - 19.50mins 

21) Revit Project -  Rendering Part 1 - 35.59mins

22) Revit Project -  Rendering Part 2 - 22.49mins

23) Revit Project -  Rendering Part 3 - 21.23mins

Rendering booklets 
Total time: 10.24.17

I've started work on the next chapter, it will be a return to the original setup as per chapter 1-5 of this blogs, 1) A sketch detail and breaking down of the detail followed by 2)Basic modeling and 3)Advanced modeling and maybe 4) Extra tips, i hope to have the first part posted next week, it will be on steel, structure roof terrace/louvered area on top of an existing apartment block or something like that.



Anonymous said...

I appreciate all the time spent on your are helping many to learn. I started with Revit about 2 weeks ago and these videos have helped immensely...the best I have seen...from project set up to incredible rendering.

Seattle USA

Anonymous said...

Really Excellent work I've learn a lot from these videos

Peter McCarthy said...

Cheers patrick, i really appriciate your coments.



grateful said...

It has been a fun in the last few months following this video tutorial. You’ve done a marvellous job here. Also thanks for your generosity of sharing revit model. You’re the campaign!

Alan (Cadlot) said...


You area Star!

You have produced a great resource for new and existing Revit Users.

Thank you from one of many.

Peter McCarthy said...

Cheers for the comments guys.


Anonymous said...

well done for putting in so much , i got more out of this then i did in 6 months of classes

theo_murgu said...

Well done, Peter! I am using revit for 4 years now and I have to say that your presentation helped me allot in managing my project files also in creating custom objects. Now I am able to create a more accurate BIM.

I appreciate your work!


Rk said...

i hav only 1 word for u ......


Anonymous said...

Do you think you could do it somewhere in the future the "Revisions or major change" as planed in ? I am sure many would be very much interested to also see this part and it would really be the icing on top of this great series.

Peter McCarthy said...

yeah i'll try do it after the 07 chapter, just needed a break from the 06 project for a month or so.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I have to say:
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm still trying to make my way through the blog, and I'm brand new to Revit, and these videos are an amazing help. Great work!

Aaron said...

Hi Peter
very good work, I'm really very grateful for sharing these videos.

I would like to find a tutorial on how to manage subprojects, because try to do a large project from my computer and it was impossible because the file is too heavy.
not understand how to load additional subprojects as when editing a still appearing above me and I could edit the two
finally closed the central file storage and syncing pedia
not really understanding how to use the great tools

thanks if you can give me some recommendation

Peter McCarthy said...


I understand how large projects are a nightmare for medium computers, even my own is not up to doing large projects, this is where workset and central files will come into play.

What many people don't know is when you have worksets you can choose not to open the workset, this means your local file will not load the objects on the workset that is closed, all the objects are still there in the central file but are temporarily turned off in your local file so the project is managable on your computer. to do this open the workset dialouge select the worksets you do not want and select 'close'.

As for sub projects, this is worksets as well, you basically make double the amount of worksets and their names are more discriptive. an example would be
'sub-project 1 walls'
'sub-project 1 ceilings'
'sub-project 1 floors'

'sub-project 2 walls'
'sub-project 2 ceilings'
'sub-project 2 floors'

Now all the sub-projects are in one file and when working on sub-project 1 you close all the workset for porject 2, and viceversa when woring on project 2 close all workset in project 1 etc.

Hope this helps


Anonymous said...

Hey Peter, ive just come across this set of tutorials of yours and think they are superb,so much work put in and very relevant subject matter for any one wanting to produce contemporary architectural models, as a completely new user user of Revit(3 weeks)they are just the sort of thing I have been looking for. A couple questions for you; are they available anywhere in HD as I would like to run them on a second monitor full size while following along in Revit, and why are all the dimensions in Imperial, will future tutorials be in Metric? Thanks for so much hard work and generosity in sharing your knowledge.

Peter McCarthy said...

Thanks Mark,

Unfourtunatly i have no HD files, for me produce higher quality the file sizes would be too large for my hosting site.

The dimension are imperial as my main audiance is from the usa at the moment but i do list metric as well when i list the objects usually at the start of a chapter. the imperaial is also part of a longer term plan i have for myself to move to the usa in a couple of years time.

I hope these video help you get up to speed with revit.



Peter McCarthy said...

Just posted the start of the 'revision' series