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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

07.01 - Sun Shaded Roof Patio Detail - Analysis of Detail

So now that we move onto the next Detail / Chapter of my blog I'll return to the original format of 4-5 post talking about the detail which generally include; Part....
  1. Analysis of the detail (introduction to the detail, 2D free hand sketches of the detail, a list of what components i think are involved and what revit tool i think I'll use and how many System families i can use.
  2. File setup(Levels & Grids etc.) and basic modeling
  3. Advanced Modeling and Advanced Families
  4. 2D work and annotation
  5. Tips and rendering
This detail of the sun shaded roof patio is a detail i picked out of a magazine which i quite liked but thought that it would be pretty difficult to actually do it in revit. It involves an existing 3 story apartment block with a pitched roof and the existing structural walls are capable of taking the loading of an additional floor, the pitched roof is to be demolished, the top of the walls are to be made good with a concrete ring beam to help stiffen the top of the wall and make it a level base for the new steel structure. The top addition will consist of an I-beam base set at 8'-0"(2400mm) centers with a 6"(150mm) concrete slab across the entire top of the building , then on the external side it will have a roof buildup and on the internal side a lightweight floor buildup. There will be a steel handrail and sun shade system added to the edge. below are intial sketches and component list.

General Section.

Detail 1. Edge detail

Detail 2. Junction of interior/Exterior

System Family Check

Component List


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