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Saturday, 23 October 2010

07.02 - Sun Shade Roof Patio - Basic Modeling

In this video we;
  1. Setup the levels
  2. Model existing walls and roof
  3. Demolish the roof.
  4. Model the concrete ring beam as a wall type
  5. Place the I beams at 6'(1800mm) centers
  6. Model a generic model for the Shims under the beams
  7. Import and the L angle and place it, rotate the cross section angle to 180
  8. Model an in-place floor stab the has ribs.




ar said...

patio doors
I want to make sure I understand where exactly you want to mount the shutters. Do you want them mounted on to the sliding doors themselves or so that they overlap the entire opening of sliding doors?

Peter McCarthy said...

No they wont be mounted on the doors, they'll be fixed to the edge L angle, all will be made clear in the next couple of videos.