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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

07.04 - Sun Shade Roof Patio - Advanced Modeling and Anno

Hey all,

In this next video;
1) we model the edge railing,
2) we learn how to do a line based generic model family(sunshade louvres)
3) some annotation, text, dims, Vapour barrier as dashed line,
4) detailed component(holding down bolt).

Above is the final output 2D detail taken from the 3D model, below is video



Saturday, 13 November 2010

Getting Started Video Tutorials for Revit Architecture 2011


Generally i don't repost other blogs but I've been in contact with Phillipp (Teamleader Autodesk Student Experts TU Graz, Austria) and they seem to be a nice bunch of students trying to spread the revit knowledge base. I thought instead of doing the standard repost i add my own notes on each video that is information i didn't even know or stuff i use to know but have forgotten. There is 3 video series, I'll do one series a week. the videos are nice and short, all being about 5 minutes each

You can move whole groups of tools on the ribbon to position as you like and the keyboard shortcuts user interface on the view tab

Copying grids or using array, i always thought you had to draw them fresh but copying seems to work as well.

When placing columns you can use the 'place at grid comand' this is a really fast way to place loads of columns. When joining objects selecting the multiple option save you time as well.

'Pasting aligned' and 'select previous' are great tools

Aligning doors or other objects that are not touching are cool

The parameter of 'opening direction' for windows is neat revit friendly trick. when offsetting linework have the copy option un-marked is another way to pickup speed

When multiple windows are open, ZA zooms all windows. Curtain Walls, the option of 'all except picked' is a time saver. If you select a curtain wall panel, then rightclick the option of 'Select panel along horizontal grid' is another time saver

Creating topo from an imported file is cool, your cad file needs to be 3D though, you also have the ability to select certain layers from the file when creating the topo

Duplicating groups in type properties.
Placing predefined rooms

Dimension options, Wall faces / Wall intersects

Wall settings, Wrapping settings
When drawing section using the split segment

When using the massing tool, showing the workplane
when working on another workplane grid 3, then tracing line form the back wall, adding edges on massing surfaces, 

That's it, enjoy the videos, the link is below, thank to the guys over at TU Graz, Austria for creating them



Getting Started Video Tutorials for Revit Architecture 2011

This tutorial is conceived to allow an easy start with Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 and to get an extensive overview of the power of building information modeling.
Step00/14 Introduction (2:13)
Step01/14 User Interface (4:07)
Step02/14 Grid & Levels (6:50)
Step03/14 Wall, Columns, Floor Modifications (6:06)
Step04/14 Split Element, Match Properties, Attach Elements to Top (3:47)
Step05/14 Interiors Walls, Trim / Extend Elements, Doors (5:42)
Step06/14 Windows, Stairs, Shaft Opening (5:14)
Step07/14 Railing, Modification of Curtain Walls (5:29)
Step08/14 Import Site, Building Pad, Place Site Components (5:17)
Step09/14 Groups, Rooms & Rooms Tag, Color Scheme (7:05)
Step10/14 Dimensions (6:32)
Step11/14 Wall Constuction & Wall Wrapping, Schedules & Tag Elements, Section (5:45)
Step12/14 View Template, View Properties, Sheets (5:50)
Step13/14 Freeform (6:13)
Step14/14 Sun Path, Camera & Navigation Wheel, Render Properties (6:39)

Download Datasets & Handout


Philipp Mueller

Teamleader Autodesk Student Experts TU Graz
Tel: +436645226928

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Online videos are temporarily down, Downloadable links are up

Sorry my online watching of videos are temporarily out of service. I have a 200gb limit per month running from the 5th to the 5th, this month has hit its limit. Bandwidth usage will reset at approximately midnight on the 5th.

You Can download the latest 2 videos for the 07 Shunshade detail here and watch offline.
07.1 Sunshade - Part 1
07.2 Sunshade - Part 2

Online videos will resume on saturday 6th Novemeber.

Thank you.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

07.03 - Sun Shade Roof Patio - Modeling Part 2

In this next video, we model the;

1) Sloped roof insulation and roof finish,
2) Wood decking,
3) A small steel box section,
4) Insulation board,
5) New render wall finish and
6) 2 wall sweeps for the cover flashing

We then have a small bit of tidying up work to some of the existing beams, If your following along and modeling the same detail I've made 2 wall types, 1 floor type and 1 roof type off screen, their details are

Wall 1
2" Rigid insulation

Wall 2

1" Render/Stucco
2" Rigid insulation

Floor 1
1" Wood (dark brown)

Roof 1
1/4" EDPM
1" Rigid Insulation (variable option is selected)
6" Rigid Insulation
1/4" Vapour barrier