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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

07.03 - Sun Shade Roof Patio - Modeling Part 2

In this next video, we model the;

1) Sloped roof insulation and roof finish,
2) Wood decking,
3) A small steel box section,
4) Insulation board,
5) New render wall finish and
6) 2 wall sweeps for the cover flashing

We then have a small bit of tidying up work to some of the existing beams, If your following along and modeling the same detail I've made 2 wall types, 1 floor type and 1 roof type off screen, their details are

Wall 1
2" Rigid insulation

Wall 2

1" Render/Stucco
2" Rigid insulation

Floor 1
1" Wood (dark brown)

Roof 1
1/4" EDPM
1" Rigid Insulation (variable option is selected)
6" Rigid Insulation
1/4" Vapour barrier


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