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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

07.04 - Sun Shade Roof Patio - Advanced Modeling and Anno

Hey all,

In this next video;
1) we model the edge railing,
2) we learn how to do a line based generic model family(sunshade louvres)
3) some annotation, text, dims, Vapour barrier as dashed line,
4) detailed component(holding down bolt).

Above is the final output 2D detail taken from the 3D model, below is video




James Holmes-Siedle said...

Hi Peter,

Love all your videos.

On the array of the sun shade, when you are left with a leftover spacing at the end - you cn solve this is you use the array function of lock the left hand one, then use the 'last' rather than second - then lock that one .... then do the parameter ..... they will all then be evenly spaced within the 4" rather than exactly 4" with an odd leftover.

Hope this helps.


Peter McCarthy said...

Hey James,

Thanks for the comments, yeah your completely right about the array to last, you do need to type in the value for the array number after you draw the line in the project though, which can be difficult to guess unless you do some quick calculations of the lenght divided by a number that will give you the rough spacing, close to the disired spacing,

cheers for that, i might try to show that in the next video.



James Holmes-Siedle said...


i'd agree that you have to do a 'calculation' - i normally do a few likely lengths to work out the spacing, but prefer to have the spacings even.
Someone better than me at formulae can probebly generate a conditional formula that gives all the answers - i just do it on the 1200mm that is in the family to begin and work from there!


M.Owens said...

Line-based generic models work great for parametric's very easy to set up the formula.

say you have a component driven distance. you can nest the component within the line-base family.

After you've done that, all you need to do is divide the line length by the critical component dimension to give you an array integer.