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Monday, 13 December 2010

Final post of the Year!

Hey All,

Big thanks to everyone following my blog over the last year, this will be the last post before i take off for Christmas and new years break.

Its been a good year starting off with text tutorials moving into Video tutorials in February. I managed to get 7 chapters(different topics/details) complete, initially i was aiming for one chapter a month but in reality i didn't quite work out like that(although the 06 project chapter took away about 4 months).
We started of with '01 glazed partition' detail which was a tester for me to see how the format of the blog would come together. We followed through with 02 concrete basement, 03 parapet detail, 04 curved roof detail & 05 concrete cast insitu element which were individual details explained with a lot of detail, these were leading to the '06 Revit Project the Experiment' chapter which tied all those chapters together in one big project, the 06 project also went through some other things such as sheets and annotation of a project and including rendering and walkthroughs, the 06 project was slightly diluted in my eyes as there was such a larger quantity of objects that i could not go into as much detail as i would have liked. Saying that it appears to be the most popular chapter in terms of viewers watching the video post. Finishing up then with the '07 Sun roof patio detail'. So what's next......

I'd love to here from you about;
  • Format,
  • Topics,
  • Video length and image
  • Level of detail,
  • Ideas,
  • Areas of difficulty within revit.
  • Areas of difficulty following my blog
  • Downloads vs online watching
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My plan for next year is to start off with '08 Major revision to a project', this has been requested a number of time but the amount of work it would take and the time to do it was not available this year so i plan to start it next year first thing.

Anyway enjoy you holiday break and happy new year!!



Saturday, 4 December 2010

07.05 - Sun Shade Roof Patio - Inner Gutter Detail

In this next post i model the inner gutter detail by using beams, floors, Curtain walls and Line based generic models. Note: i added text, dims and a couple of 2D lines off video about 5 minutes worth of work.