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Monday, 10 January 2011

08.1 - Revision to a project - Part 1

In this post we start to look at a major revision to a projects and it involves, it was one of the the most requested post that I've received to date. I'm going to take the project that we did in the 06 Chapter of my blog and use that model as a base, it will be the original design. Below is a very basic sketch of the changes that we are going to do, on the top the original shape and below the new design. There are 2 changes I'll cover just to give the changes some variety;

  1. Roof Shape change from round to butterfly
  2. Basement extension  
Here is my top 10 list for Revision / Changes
  1. Save a backup of the model if its a major change/revision, if you're using worksets you should detach from the central file through >file>open>select central file and before selecting open tick the detach from central option, save the new central file, make a new local file
  2. Pdf's and Acad Dwg's should also act as backup documents
  3. Assess the changes in the model, enter different views like sections and plans, you can draw drafting lines quickly to help you visualise the changes and impact
  4. Assess which method you are going to use for the changes, is it going to be a 1)design option, where you keep the existing design in the model as well or do you do 2) a complete change meaning deleting the old option from the model completely. Both options have there advantages and disadvantages.
  5. Begin Basic Changes (system families) and review the larger picture changes in perspectives and other views
  6. Begin advanced changes (Family components, beams, sweeps etc.) as these are more fiddly and only want to be changed once they should be done after system families as set in position assuming the system families working in their revised location.
  7. Delete outstanding object from old design
  8. Review all sheets and views and note down where the changes/revisions are seen/affected
  9. Fix any annotation,  text notes, dims, tags etc. in all views affected
  10. Apply the revision clouds to views and sheets and then apply the revision notes and tags, print and export Pdf's/Acad then issue
In this video we cover the 1st revision the roof change , in the next post we modify the basement through design options which will be posted next week.

To Download video Click here (08.1 - Revision to a project - Part 1) or click in video below to watch now!



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