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Saturday, 15 January 2011

08.2 Revisions - Part 2 (design options)

In this weeks post about a major revision to a project we talk about making the change through design options. We'll modify the basement to make it larger. 
Original design

New design

Occasionally a situation occurs where two or more areas change in a building in the same revision, one of the changes is definite and one is not(the client might be review their options or want to see a price comparison). Effectively you need to keep the definite change & (the none definite change or the original design), To allow you to do this we setup design options. In the design option tab we setup a design option set and 3 option( New layout, old layout and off) the 'off' is just a helper for me to see what items I've already added to the design options, the items should disappear in my 3d view.
  • The first step is to review the changes,
  • Then add the objects that are effected to the design options,
  • Make the changes in the model
  • Switch between the options using visibility graphics(vg)
  • Open a 3D cut section view and review the area for potential other changes that you cant see in the 2D views, and finally
  • Make a new revision and bubble the changes in the printing sheets.
The video took longer for me to explain than i expected(35 mins), so if you haven't got the full time to watch it now you can download it here 08.2 Revisions - Part 2 (design options) and watch at your own pace offline. To watch now click on video below.




Anonymous said...

Hi Peter.

Your videos is very helpful. But the video quality is very bad. Why dont you post videos on youtube in 720p? Thanks anyway.


Peter McCarthy said...

thanks john,

i beleieve there is a size limit or time limit on the youtube videos. i'll have a look my export settings on my video software but i think making the video a bigger size will also increase the file size, i'll have to see what the result is.