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Monday, 24 January 2011

09.00 - House Extension Project - Introduction

Hello all,

In the next series of posts, I'll build a mini project of a house extension, its a single story extension and 1 half is a glass window and the the other brickwork, the roof is tile or slate and has 2 skylights with light well internally, the project is based on a job i did for my brother a couple of years ago and it gives you an opportunity to model something in a good amount of detail without taking too long as the project scale is small. It is also the project you see in the left hand side of my logo(the section view).

Below is a general outline of whats coming up, in the the next post I'll itemise the components we are going to use and post a template file for you to use and follow. I may re post the model a couple of times during the process if i come across new objects we need to place. if you look closely below there is a 'To do list' which points out what we need to do to complete this project.
This project will be done in metric measurement but i will post imperial dimensions and objects, just thought i 'd mix it up a bit.





Евгений Ширинян said...

Hello, Peter,

You provided sketches before the finalized drawings (impressive elegant graphics, btw). Is it helpful for you to outline by hand graphically and geometrically what is needed?
It's a bit banal, but I consider such a detailed modeling as a well planned process. In larger projects I see the need for some "sketch information model", where you can oultine main steps of modeling.


dev smith said...

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