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Sunday, 30 January 2011

09.1 Template file and Setup info

So to start off our project you first have to model the existing house to which the extension will added onto. This post has the template files for you to use with the same objects and wall types which are listed below, the modeling of the existing house is pretty simple stuff but for new user this information is key to them to see how the project starts, for more advanced user if you want to skip this step/video, you can download the 'existing house' revit file and join in the next step/post. For those who do watch this video i added some internal doors after i finished the video, these can be seen in the 'existing house' revit file also you may as well just download all the files posted for a reference. The video is at the bottom of the this post

Download files here: you may get a message that you cant preview the file but you should be able to click the download button:
Metric Template File
Imperial Template File
'Existing House' revit file Metric
'Existing House' revit file Imperial

Information about the floors, walls etc.

00 Foundation Level -1200mm (-4'-0")
GL -100mm (-0'-4")
01 Ground Level +000 (0'-0")
TOW + 2475 (+8'-3")
02 First Floor +2750 (-9'-2")
03 Eaves Level +5150 (-17'-2")
04 Ridge Level +7550 (-25'-2")

Wall types

- 100mm Generic (4")

- 215mm Generic ( 8")

- 300mm Generic (12")

- 100mm Block (4") - 100mm Concrete (4") - 100mm Block (4")

- 25mm (1") Plaster Render - 100mm (4") Block - 50mm (2") Air Cavity - 50mm (2") Rigid insulation - 100mm (4") Blockwork - 12.5mm Plasterboard (5/8")

- 12.5mm (5/8") Plasterboard on 25mm (1")Metal Fixings

Wall Sweeps

- Skirting


- (25mmOA Thickness) 5mm Tile finish on 20mm Cement/Morter bed (1")

- 150mm (6")Concrete on 50mm (2")Rigid Insulation on DPM on 50mm (2")Sand blinding on 150mm (6")Compacted Hardcore

- 150mm (6")concrete on 50mm (2")sand on 150mm (6")Compacted Hardcore

- Foundation Slab -300mm concrete (12")

- 300mm Generic Floor (12")

- 25mm Timber Deck (1")

- 10mm Grass on 290mm Earth (12")


- 300mm Generic Roof (12")

- 40mm Tile Roof (1 5/8")


- Ridge Tile

- Fascia and Soffit

- Lead Flashing


- Exterior DBl 5 - 1810 x 2175mm (6' -0"x 7'-3")

- Basic - 900mm x 2100mm (3' -0"x 7'-0")

- Patio Door - 1800mm x 2100 (6' -0"x 7'-0")


- Double PL - 1156 x 1115mm Deep (3' -10"x 3'-9")

- Double PL - 1800 x 1115mm Deep (6' -0"x 3'-9")

- Single Pl - 770 x 1115mm Deep (2' -7"x 3'-9")

- Roof Light 3 - Skylight 2

- Corner Window Special


- Recessed Downlight Can

Roof Accessories

- Box Gutter

- RWP Downpipe Square

- Roof Rafters, ceiling joist, ridge board, roofing battens, jack rafter, trimming purlins, Wall plate families to follow when we get to the roof part of the project

- Furniture Families to follow when we get to that part of the project

- Annotation symbols and notes to follow when we get to that part of the project


Download Video Here


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,
been trying to download the template files for the extension tutorial but no joy, have you deleted them?

Peter McCarthy said...

Sorry there is a trick, for some reason google documents thinks .rvt files are some kind of word document so it won't display, if you click on the link,(it says cant display) then select the 'download' button above the viewer, it allows you to save the file to your desktop. let me know if you have any any problems.


Mark said...

Hello Peter, thanks for the reply I cannot get the file at all every time I click on the download file marker it goes straight to a 404 cannot find file erro. Tried with IE and Firefox but it doesn't seem to be there, thanks for great posts they are some of the best tutorials around.

Peter McCarthy said...

if you send me an email to revitdetail [at] i'll foward the file direct, metric or impearial?

nealmac1978 said...

Hi Peter. I'm having the same problem. Could you possibly send me the templates too? Metric, would be nice.

It's a nice tutorial by the way. Looking forward to trying it out.

I'll send you an email right now.

nealmac1978 said...

Hi Peter,

I'm having the same problem. Could you possibly send me the templates too please? (metric version).

Nice tutorial BTW. Looking forward to giving it a go.


owy123 said...

Hi Peter,
Im thinking of purchasing a Dell M6600 workstation laptop for revit 2012.... any comments or thoughts on this as a machine ?

Peter McCarthy said...

perfect spec, i gave a a spec to my boss recently which was 8bg ram but ideally you want as much as you can get, 16gb if possible