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Sunday, 20 February 2011

09.3 House Extension - Roof Part 1

In this next video we start on the roof which will be divided into 2-3 videos, this part is the basic modeling, including;
  1. Drafting out the roof design using drafting lines in section to figure the roof break down and pitch
  2. The roof itself(the battens and roof tiles only)
  3. The fascia and soffit (using profile families and the 'roof fascia' tool)
  4. The ridge tile (using profile families and the 'roof fascia' tool)
  5. The lead flashing at the connection of the roof and existing wall (using profile families and the 'roof fascia' tool)
  6. The Gutter (using profile families and the 'roof gutter' tool)


Down load video here
or watch below now

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