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Sunday, 6 March 2011

09.4.2 House Extension - Roof Part 2 (video)

As per the pictures in the previous post, below is the video for the roof timbers, rafters, wall plates, ceiling joists etc. as promised its pretty intense, the first 12mins are creating the families, the next 12 is placing the timbers in the project and the final 5 minutes is placing the sky light and purlins.


Download Here or watch now by clicking below.


Mark said...

just amazing

Peter McCarthy said...

Cheers Mark, hope you learned some tricks from it.



Mark said...

Just to add a bit more than a simply "Just amazing". I work for myself and by myself so there is no one to ask in the office. This is where your tutorials of detailing bring a smile to me face. Every time I look at one of your vids, I here myeslf saying, "Just amazing" with a grin to suit. Thank you so much, and I get a fantastic Irish accent thrown in as well.

Jett said...


I hope you can still read this because I think you're inactive for this blog at the moment.

I just want to thank you for doing these stuff, you helped me alot.

Godbless and wish you all best, I hope if you have spare time you continue diong good tutorials.