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Monday, 28 March 2011

09.6 House Extension - Annotation Start - Part 1

In this next installment we start on the annotation of our house extension project. It doesn't look like much yet but it shapes up pretty fast in the 2nd and 3rd videos, the ideas is to bring the 2D cuts(plan section and elevation) up to a good construction standard. We first have to do some house keeping items such as selecting the views that we will provide the builder with and fix their crop region, scale etc. also deciding where section would be best placed to capture as many construction features as possible. In this we;
  1. Pick out the views that we'll use(ground floor, first floor(roof plan), 3 sections and 3 elevations.
  2. Work with 'Scope Boxes' so we get a consistent crop region in our plan views
  3. Make some quick changes to the material display of the blockwork and rigid insulation
  4. Using the 'Override graphics in view' to half tone the floor finish line weight to allow the walls to be more prominent. (see plan above )
  5. Creating a simple 'Detail Component' for the blockwork joints
  6. Then, from 'detail component' to a 'Repeating detail' 
  7. Placing other detail components and the Detail Component Library
  8. Tidying up crop regions and the view depth in elevations etc. and
  9. A general description of work to be done in each view
In the next post we'll start on the sections
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