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Monday, 2 May 2011

09.8 House Extension - Sheets and general round up

Alright Folks, Sorry for the lack of blogging over the last few weeks, have been moving house, we all know what a pain that is, with packing, cleaning, living out of boxes for a couple of weeks not knowing where anything is packed. Any way we're in now and have a nice garden for BBQ's so back to normal service,

I plan to wrap up this chapter the house extension here with a few small things on sheets, elevations and plans, nothing to revolutionary. Then next posting i plan to migrate to revit 2012, hopefully it works on my laptop(its pushing 4.5 year now) and talk about some of the new features in which I'm interested in such as splitting elements into parts( the layers in walls and floors etc.) and some other stuff as well. I need to pick out a new detail to base the chapter on as well, any suggestions are welcome, if not I'll scroll through a few magazines until i find a detail that might come ac cross as hard to do in revit and looks good as well. 

So in this post we talk about,
  • Setting up sheets
  • Project Information tab
  • Creating a sheet schedule to quickly rename and number drawings(manual, no plug-in)
  • Dragging views to sheets
  • Having a different displayed name of a view on a sheet,(especially when view names are associated to levels visible in elevations and sections
  • Annotation Crop settings and draw backs
  • Special trick to liven up your elevations(open 3d view and select all object behind the extension, tab over to the elevation, then override graphics in view, half tone)
  • Line Work tool and blue grips
  • Why its not a great idea to duplicate sections or elevations as they leave a marker exactly on top of the original marker and you see two sheet numbers and view numbers on top of each other.
  • Tab when dimensioning to get points for un-parallel dimensioning
Next chapter I'll shift over to revit 2012, any suggestion for a topic welcome

Introduction Page for this chapter
09.00 - House Extension Project - Introduction

Video Downloads for the Chapter
09.1 Template file and Setup info

09.2 House Extension Project - External walls and...

09.3 House Extension - Roof Part 1

09.4.2 House Extension - Roof Part 2 (video)

09.5 House Extension - Final Modeling Stage

09.6 House Extension - Annotation Start - Part 1

09.7 House Extension - Section Annotation

09.8 House Extension - Sheets and general round up




Mark said...

Hi Peter,
If you are looking for a new tutorial project< can I suggest something like Akamas Bay in Cyprus, ie. A luxury beach fronted contemporary apartment with pool and underground parking. I know its a big project but would be a benchmark revit tutorial. All the best and thanks for really great work so far.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
many thanks for doing these tutorials. These are really good ones. You asked what would be the next topic, so I thought about little and there is one thing what i would like to learn little bit more - creating a site plan (i'm not sure thats good idea to do this in revit). There is one thing i would like do to in Revit, create a new linetype. Is there any methods how i can do this?
I live in Estonia, and here is quite common that architect makes the site plan with communication staf.

Looking forward for new tutorials,

NB! Sorry for some spelling mistakes, English is not my native language.

Peter McCarthy said...

Thanks mark, will have a look at the project & see if i can get any details. Has brought something to mind though. cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter
I've been looking at the Falling Waters House by F.L. Wright. Thought I might suggest this as the next project. It has interesting relationship in terms of site section.
Thanks for your blogs and practical approach

Mark from Sydney Australia.

Johan said...

Hi Peter
I only have Revit Arch 2010 any way of using the file you post on site

Peter McCarthy said...

Sorry Johan, the files only work in 2011 unfortunatly, you can follow along in 2010 but you will have to create all the wall and floor families. Sorry