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Sunday, 29 May 2011

11.2 Families, nested parameters access and visibilty settings

This next post talks about when you load a family into another family(nesting), then in the project environment how do you access the parameters of the original family.
The key is
  1. To make the parameters in the first family 'Instance' not 'Type', load it into the 2nd family(host) 
  2. Then in the 2nd family(host) create a duplicate parameter in the 'Type' dialogue box. 
  3. Now select the 1st family that's placed in the 2nd one and in the 'Properties' dialogue select the grey box to the right and make the parameter equal the new parameter, it should then grey out the value.
  4. Load 2nd family into the project and now you should be able to modify the parameters of the first family even though its not directly loaded into the project.
The second part of the video is to do with visibility of objects by either changing the 'visibility settings' and deciding weather to not show the geometry or annotation in plan, section & elevation (left/right/front/back) or by level of detail, course/medium or fine view. But that's not all, you can actually set if somethings can be turned on or off in the project environment by
  1. Selection the object or geometry
  2. In the Properties dialogue box beside the visibility setting click the grey box
  3. Create a new 'yes/no' parameter(automatically selected) decide weather its instance or type
  4. Load into project environment and play with the yes/no for visibility setting
You may ask when would you use this, there is several examples, one easy one is say you have a family of desks lined up in a row and you have 3 types (1 desk, 2 desks and 3 desks) you can set desk 1 to always be on or no visibility parameter for it, desk 2 is on visibility parameter 'D2' and is turned on in the type '2 desks' and '3 desks' and desk 3 is on visibility parameter 'D3' and is only turned on in the '3 desks' type. Simple example but effective, I would love to hear some other example from you all for this type parameter settings?

Video Below




Anonymous said...

Thank you for video, I used visibility option for my foundation elements :)

Anonymous said...


I used this technique for a piece of equipment that I had to double next adding parameters like length and rotation. Thanks again.