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Sunday, 5 June 2011

11.3 Families, Categories, Always Vertical, Work Plane Based

In this post we talk about family categories, their restrictions in terms of being cut by section or only showing their elevations, how visibility graphics affect the category. Also i go into the 'Always Vertical' setting where the family takes the slope of its host and the 'Work plane based' setting to see what extra settings are available to the user.




Greg said...

When you place a family on a sloped surface, with Always Vertical unchecked, any symbolic lines you have in the family disappear. Also you don't have access to some reference planes (namely those not in the direction of the slope).

I understand why this is happening but was hoping for a work around. Any thoughts?

Peter McCarthy said...

for the reference plane name, you would have to cut a section and draw a reference plane at an angle in the same position as the surface and name it.

Symbolic lines are a bit more difficult as there only visible in the view there drawn in and if its slanted they are not visible, not sure of the answer yet but i will have a think about it.



Anonymous said...

The video is not working... can u put it up agian plz?