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Sunday, 12 June 2011

12.0 Create Parts Tool

Finally i got to test the new 'Create Parts Tool' in 2012, my blog was based on how to model in revit without this tool, I've done this by modeling separate walls in external wall construction, multiple floors etc. Now we can move forward with a much better tool. I've been reviewing some new blogs recently and i came across a video and post on this topic which i found very useful.

The bones of it is,
  1. You select the system family object(roof, wall, floors etc.),
  2. Select the create parts tool,
  3. Select one of the layers(e.g. plasterboard)
  4. In the 'properties' box select 'show shape handles'
  5. You can then pull and push the edge of that layer
  6. Each view has a setting which will either show the 'orginal' wall or floor shape or show the 'Parts' configuration, this is called 'Parts Visibility' In the 'properties' box, it must be set for each view individual.
Now to the schedules, you can setup a material take off, but if you select a category like 'wall' it will only give you values of the original shape(none parts modified), if you don't select a normal category and select 'parts' from the list you get realistic values coming through in your schedules.




Lucas said...

This site is really cool. I have a friend who designs stuff in bim management program and he really likes it. Thanks for all the helpful stuff.

Kausambi said...

This is a very useful command in 2012. Thanks for your description.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, lovely clear description. Keep them coming please.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter McCarthy
What happened to the excellent video about Revit Parts?
I was just viewing it the other day and saved it under my favourites, but now it´s gone!
Any chance of it coming back?

Peter McCarthy . said...

I now have limited bandwidth on my blog with monthly cap, if possibly try to download and watch off line, I was thinking of doing a new post with a link to all downloads as i know some of them are not avaailable

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter
About the Revit Parts video again:
can you post instructions as to where I can access it and download it so that I can view it off line?