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Sunday, 3 July 2011

13.1 Modern House - File Setup

Hello All,

Below is the start of the next chapter(Modern House), We setup
1) Levels
2) Grids
3) Guide Reference Planes
4) Worksets
5) Central file and local file

The idea with this chapter is to mimic the real life process that would happen in most architectural practices. We build a more basic model to start off with (design model or place holder model) these are quicker to produce, allow more flexibility with design, provide the require level of information such as areas, presentation plans, section and elevation, 3D views and renderings. This allows the client or stakeholders to assess the projects viability, cost, style, etc. once the project has been approved we move on to the second model type, the Construction model, these go into more detail, are more complex which makes them less flexible but provide all the information that contractors needs to build the project.

My Plan is to spend;
3-4 Videos developing the placeholder/design model
1-2 Videos on presentation views/renders
10-12 Videos on construction
Proposed Grid 
Proposed Grid with 4'-0"(1200mm) intermediate reference planes 
Proposed Levels

Proposed Worksets

Watch video below now or download here




Anton Kerezov said...

Hi there,

I'd like to say one big thank you for this blog. I'm just starting in revit and it already of great help to me.

I hear you are typing on a laptop keyboard and as I'm searching to buy new one for me could you share your specs. I'm told here at uni that HP and lenovo are the best but I don'have the buck to go for a mobile workstation. Could one budget model fulfill my needs? What do you think about dell?

Thanks again for the great blog!

Peter McCarthy said...

As for the laptop, my quote is get the best you can afford, i just picked up a Packard bell laptop for £370, it has 4gb ram i3 processor and is 64 bit, if you can afford it I'd try get a 8gb. I'm just about to install revit on it and test, will let you know how it is. I was using my previous laptop up until last week, I bought in early 2007, 32 bit, windows xp, 1gb ram and intel pentium proccessor and can say for certain that was fine using revit, all except rendering times, the new spec should sort this out. hope this helps.