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Sunday, 10 July 2011

13.2 Modern House - Basic Design Shape

Hey All

In this video we start to develop the project, we put down the basic shape of the building, the idea is to get the rooms and shapes into roughly the correct position along with the general floors, roofs and walls. From here we will develop the design further with more walls, roofs and floors types in the next post, but this gives us a first look at how the building might look.

In this post i only use 
4" (100mm) generic wall
12" (300mm) generic wall 
12" (300mm) Generic Floor
12" (300mm) Generic Roof and
Roof Curtain Glazing

 Its a 32min post so if you would prefer to watch offline in a couple of viewing at your own pace. Download HERE or watch below now.


Outside Perspective 1

 Outside Perspective 2

Cut Section through Atrium looking at feature fire place
01 Gound Floor Level 

02 Level

Watch Below Now Or Download HERE


Anonymous said...

Why dont you use Youtube and 720p?
At the end it doesnt serve the purpose. It is barely visible at all


Peter McCarthy said...

i have looked at this before, the file size is too large when i export it from my video recording software.


NB said...

Thank you so much for these tutorials. I'm trying to learn Revit on my own and these are extremely helpful.

NB said...

Thank you for these tutorials. I'm trying to teach myself to use Revit and these are very helpful.

Peter McCarthy said...

Cheers NB,

Hope you get some use out of them, there is some complete chapters in the archive, chapter 6 has about 30 videos on one project from start to end.



Ítalo said...

I just love your work around here, Peter.

The only problem it's because i use the metric units! lol
I would like to ask if you can upload the central file.

Thanks again! Really helpful!

Peter McCarthy said...

i will be uploding the central file in about 2 week in chapter 13.7 as this is a benchmark point between the design model and construction model