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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

13.3 Modern House - Design Development P1

In this post we continue to develop the design by adding more features, refining others and begin to understand what our design potentials are. What we do in this post is

1) Redefine the roof edge by adding a thinner roof profile to the edge
2) Add Railing around atrium by using the Curtain wall tool
3) Add the Staircases and modify a few elements
4) Edge curtain wall that is automatically embedded (cut out of host wall)
5) Apply and review curtain wall mullion tool settings



 High Level Exterior View Highlighting Atrium Stairs, Handrail and New Windows

Exterior view highlighting new window features and revised roof profile

Interior View in Lower Ground Space

Watch below now or download HERE


Rob said...

Hi Peter

Great blog but I was wondering could you post up a image or a link to the house article of what you're modeling?



Peter McCarthy said...

hey Rob,

I can't post the article directly onto my blog as there will be some copy right issue that i may face. if you send me an email to 'revitdetail [at]' i can send you a scan privately



Mehmet Polat Diker said...

Buddy you should consider getting this award.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these videos. Finally some tutorials for buildings which are more complicated than a gable roof residence.

This video doesn't seem to work though. Would you be able to fix this? I find your videos perfect for learning Revit for an office