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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

13.4 Modern House - Design Development P2

Picture Above is Lower Ground floor with Louvre detail

Picture Above is Louvre , Skylight and Atrium detail

In this next post we work on the skylight, louvres detail and ceilings around atrium and skylights. I recorded the video early this week on Sunday but i had a nasty cold so i did not do the sound until today(hopefully there is no time delay.) also I'm trying a new higher resolution video so that you can go to larger screen view and still be in focus, hopefully its a bit better than before.

Watch below now or Download Here


Anonymous said...

The video is not working; it cannot be downloaded either becasuse the link goes to a google to download other applications. Could you kindly fix it? Thanks.

Peter McCarthy said...

Just refixed the video, the download is still under some technical difficulty, think it google doc's causing the problem

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing that. You should know that we appreciate your efforts with these posts.

Esteban (Revit enthusiast)