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Sunday, 21 August 2011

13.7 Modern House - Toposurface

In this next post i add a topo surface and then cut it with 2 different pads, one for the main level and then one for the lower ground floor. The site tool still needs a lot of development but with some carefully modeled toposurface you can get at least the perspectives and renderings looking good. The main issue i have with toposurfaces is that the pads can not over lap which makes it very time consuming to change, its a bit like yin-yang diagram, to move one pad into the other one you first have to reduce the pad that will be smaller and let the the earth/topo temporarily burst through, then you modify the 2nd one thus pushing the topo surface back down. This is really tricky with curves and S shapes, i usually copy the sketch lines to the clip board and then move to the 2nd pad and paste aligned in current view, this gets the lines in the exact same location. any question or tips please leave comments. Below a selection of external images and a cut through the building and topo, its starting come along and looking good after only 6 to 7 20min exercises.

Note:The download button for the video is now in this link

its a new feature of my video hosting site, it means i no longer have to upload the video twice the 2nd being on google docs which has been touchy lately. might see if i can go back and make all my previous videos downloadable. As always you can watch below now

Sunday, 14 August 2011

13.6 Modern House - External Facade

Above a selection of exterior views

In this weeks post we work on some of the facade treatment. We first look at
1) Importing autocad hatch patterns
2) Painting surface of walls
3) Splitting surface of walls

We then switch to
4) modeling louvre wall by editing profile of the wall type

and finish with
5) Some new butt joint curtain wall mullions
6) Editing the offset of the mullions

If you would like to see the magazine article this project is based on i can send you a scan privately, just send me an email at 'revitdetail [at]' and i'll forward it to you.

Video below in the new higher resolution setting, Enjoy!

Download Here or watch below now!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

13.5 Modern House - Design Development P3

Sorry for any technical difficulties over the last few days, i think google documents settings is not quite working correctly for my download files. All my download files are set to 'public on web with link' meaning anyone can download without a signin. It still may take a few days to fix, i've reported it to google. so if the links dont work try back in a few days.



For the next post a bit of a lighter tutorial this week, I basically put in the furniture, doors, plumbing fixtures etc.  to get an understanding of how the spaces are working. I've uploaded a good bag file with several families which i have downloaded from 'revit city' and are related to kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room/lounge furniture. The exact layout is not so important in our exercise its more to do with placement and hosted families etc. remember 'spacebar to rotate on placement'

Note: You have to be careful when downloading  families from the web as you do not know how they are build and how well they work, sometimes fixing them may take longer that starting a new family from scratch. below are a couple of plan and 3D view

The next 2 post will see the end of this stage(Design Stage) and i will post the central file up at that stage before we go into construction.

Ground Floor Plan-3D

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan-3D

First Floor Plan

Lower Ground View

Upper level View

Goodie Bag File Content
Furniture File goodie bag file Here

Watch below now or Download Here