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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

13.5 Modern House - Design Development P3

Sorry for any technical difficulties over the last few days, i think google documents settings is not quite working correctly for my download files. All my download files are set to 'public on web with link' meaning anyone can download without a signin. It still may take a few days to fix, i've reported it to google. so if the links dont work try back in a few days.



For the next post a bit of a lighter tutorial this week, I basically put in the furniture, doors, plumbing fixtures etc.  to get an understanding of how the spaces are working. I've uploaded a good bag file with several families which i have downloaded from 'revit city' and are related to kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room/lounge furniture. The exact layout is not so important in our exercise its more to do with placement and hosted families etc. remember 'spacebar to rotate on placement'

Note: You have to be careful when downloading  families from the web as you do not know how they are build and how well they work, sometimes fixing them may take longer that starting a new family from scratch. below are a couple of plan and 3D view

The next 2 post will see the end of this stage(Design Stage) and i will post the central file up at that stage before we go into construction.

Ground Floor Plan-3D

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan-3D

First Floor Plan

Lower Ground View

Upper level View

Goodie Bag File Content
Furniture File goodie bag file Here

Watch below now or Download Here


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Would it be possible to upload a 2011 Revit Architecture version of the 'Furniture project 1' file?

Thanking you in advance


Peter McCarthy said...

I'll take a look, it depends if the families i downloaded are 2011 or lower, i'm sure most of them are, it will take a while though, probably after the weekend.



ric_ said...

Hi, Peter.
It's a really good job what you're doing here. Congratulations!

I have the same problem as Rob. Could you upload the 2011 version, please?


By the way, I was thinking of upgrading my Revit. How does the 2012 version work? Is much better than the 2011?

Peter McCarthy said...

I only have the zip files i downloaded from revit city,i could merge them into one file as i do not have revit 2011 on my machine

The link is

2012 is great, 2011 was a bad version and we skipped over it at work. reccommend you upgrade!



Arch.shehab said...

Thanks Peter for great videos,seems there is difference between the families that uploaded to revit 2011 and the one for 2012

Peter McCarthy said...

no difference, i think one or two do not open in 2001 as they were already upgraded, all files can be found on revit city as well.