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Sunday, 14 August 2011

13.6 Modern House - External Facade

Above a selection of exterior views

In this weeks post we work on some of the facade treatment. We first look at
1) Importing autocad hatch patterns
2) Painting surface of walls
3) Splitting surface of walls

We then switch to
4) modeling louvre wall by editing profile of the wall type

and finish with
5) Some new butt joint curtain wall mullions
6) Editing the offset of the mullions

If you would like to see the magazine article this project is based on i can send you a scan privately, just send me an email at 'revitdetail [at]' and i'll forward it to you.

Video below in the new higher resolution setting, Enjoy!

Download Here or watch below now!


CADesigner said...


Great job, congratulations. Very good videos.

Greetings from Mexico

Gustavo Mello said...

Hi Peter. great videos as allways. I think the best way to do the wood louvers would be to create a curtain wall, edit it´s type, adjust the horizontal pattern to the size you need and create some wood mullions to use with. And you need to change the panels to the empty type too. I tested it here and can´t see a reason not to do it. Is there any?