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Sunday, 21 August 2011

13.7 Modern House - Toposurface

In this next post i add a topo surface and then cut it with 2 different pads, one for the main level and then one for the lower ground floor. The site tool still needs a lot of development but with some carefully modeled toposurface you can get at least the perspectives and renderings looking good. The main issue i have with toposurfaces is that the pads can not over lap which makes it very time consuming to change, its a bit like yin-yang diagram, to move one pad into the other one you first have to reduce the pad that will be smaller and let the the earth/topo temporarily burst through, then you modify the 2nd one thus pushing the topo surface back down. This is really tricky with curves and S shapes, i usually copy the sketch lines to the clip board and then move to the 2nd pad and paste aligned in current view, this gets the lines in the exact same location. any question or tips please leave comments. Below a selection of external images and a cut through the building and topo, its starting come along and looking good after only 6 to 7 20min exercises.

Note:The download button for the video is now in this link

its a new feature of my video hosting site, it means i no longer have to upload the video twice the 2nd being on google docs which has been touchy lately. might see if i can go back and make all my previous videos downloadable. As always you can watch below now


Ulrik K said...

Not exactly related to this very topic, but I'm curious what other people do with sealant/caulking around curtain walls. AFAIK, Revit does not leave room for sealant around the edges of embedded curtain walls, and that leads to dimensioning errors concerning the actual opening in the brickwork vs. the actual size of the curtain wall system. Did I miss something or is it a genuine problem that needs a workaround?
Thanks a lot for your great videos, a lot of knowledge packed into them!

Peter McCarthy said...

its a general problem and the work around i use isa new i came across recently, i make special mullions that have a little fin sticking out 10mm or 3/8", i place it a little bit back from the front this forces the mullion in a little bit. the other way is not to have mullions on the very edge, you place a curtain wall grid in from the edge half the mullion width plus the gap, you then select the curtain wall panel(towards the edge) and turn it into an empty panel, delete any extra mullions that appear as required. if you email me at revitdetail [at] gmail [dot] com i can send you a few samples. hope this helps.

Cheers Pete

Anonymous said...

The link for 3.7 - Modern House Toposurface seems to be broken. It takes me to the Screencast website indicating that it cannot be found. It suggests to the Home folder or Help Center. Either of them is of no help at all.
Could you kindly fix it?
Thanks, Esteban
P.S.: Once again a brief thank you note for your posts, they are very informative and helpful.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that the latest post had links to all related posts. I was able to watch 3.7. Not sure if you'd like to fix the links on the earliest posts. Thanks again,

Peter McCarthy said...

thanks esteban, just fixed the link



hector said...

Hi Peter,
I really appreciate all your help and efforts to the fraternity. Revit structure is very powerful software. I am just a basic level user trying to get more familiar and master this software.

Your tutorials are really helpful;you focus on the real world projects and not just the book examples.

I hope that you will keep on posting more tutorials for AEC professionals.

Please fix this 13.7 topography video link. The video can not be downloaded.

Jignesh Vadodaria

Peter McCarthy said...

jignesh, if you go to a new post there is another link for the file.