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Saturday, 19 November 2011

13.9 Model Review between design phase moving into construction

I'm back, with my first proper post in about 6-8 weeks. One thing i wanted to do with this chapter was really set it up like a real office situation, follow the work flow as it would actually happen, blog or blog post can tend to be a bit unrealistic at times as they can jump around, skip lots of phases leaving the followers saying 'thats not really how its done'. So true to form I'm now going to show that. We finished the design phase and have a model from it, it is not necessarily you who may have created the original model but it is you now who need to bring it up to construction quality. You must do a health check on the model before proceeding. I cover 3 main areas in the video but there are a few others which should also be considered.

The 3 topics covered are;
  1. View names are correct and make sense, remove and delete unwanted views;
  2. Workset checking, are all the objects on the correct workset?
  3. Gap and holes in the model, areas that were not design or considered that may cause issues or changes to the base design
the other considerations would be,
  • Are all the walls drawn straight?
  • Does the design meet code?
  • Are the objects modeled with the best revit tool?
The new workset I'm going to add on top of the existing 7 are;

08 Site Components
09 Floor Finishes (hidden by default)
10 Ceiling and lights
11 Stairs and ramps
12 Railings
13 Plumbing fixtures
14 Fixed furniture
15 Rooms
16 Cad imports
17 xxxx ref planes (hidden by default used to help set out some details)
18 xxxx ref planes (hidden by default used to help set out some details)

Watch below now or download here

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plumbing said...

This is another improvement in the technology. Now, technology can aid us in planning our house. This provides a more comprehensive view of the layout we wanted for our house. Well it is always better to plan well before actually working out the plan.Good thing the plumbing fixtures was included in the list, that is something that also needs proper planning.