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Friday, 24 August 2012

I'm Still Here....Blogging that is

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the comments asking where I'm at and hoping I'm still blogging, which I am, I've just taken a break earlier this year while I've been focusing on other things (mainly preparing to move continent, announcement to be made soon). I've also been self teaching myself 3D max, 'After Effect' video editing software and Lumion 3D render engine along with the Adobe Creative Cloud suites and working on contractor bim bids which are all really interesting but have zapped up most of my free time.

I have a nice line up of blogs coming soon, notable

  1. Product review of 3D PDF exported directly from Revit, this is a really nice developing tool and I'll show working examples. The Software is from if you want a sneak preview
  2. I'm Presenting at the London Revit User Group on 19th September 2012, The topic is on Modelling but i have extra little notes, tips and tricks thrown in, I'll post up links to the presentation and the content after the event.
  3. The next series which I'm thinking of doing is; "Being an advanced BIM user, What tasks do you have to be able to do" or something like that.
Thats it for now, watch out for the next post




Anonymous said...

Look forward to the additional blogs Peter! Quality stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yeah keep up the good work !