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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Revit to 3D PDF (by 3DA Systems) - Product Review

Important note: Although I have not received any money, I have been given a free license of the 3d converter in return for this product review. Saying that, I plan to give it a fair review highlighting both the good and bad points of the software, all of the bad points have been submitted to the developer in the form of feedback which they are hoping to incorporate in later releases. The following views and comments are my own opinions and not necessarily the views and opinions of '3DA Systems'.

Hello everyone,

I came across this plugin for revit that exports 3D PDF directly from Revit which i think is really cool, before now you would of had to use 2 or 3 converters to get the same result. I gave it a 30 day trial and found it to be really useful especially when dealing with clients. Before now there was 3D DWF but they require the end user to also have a copy of the software on their machine which is not always the case, nearly every machine out there will have a PDF Reader. 

If your interested in downloading a trial or purchasing the product, follow the link here They also have good how to videos and links the good relevant blogs about revit and BIM.

  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to use in terms of export setting
  • Can have multiple graphical styles
  • Can switch between Isometric and Perspectives views
  • Multiple controls including 3D comments and Measure tool,
  • Can save different 'views' inside the PDF to be quickly selected later 
  • 3D sections, including the option to save the cut plane location (creating floor plan views)
  • Can access all the 'Data' that has been applied inside of Revit.
  • Small Files ranging from about 4mb to 10mb for larger revit files
  • 30 day trial to check it out

  • You have to have Acrobat X pro installed on your machine which cost around $200 on top of the converter. 
  • They do not currently have 'save setting' in the exporter, this means each time you export you have to reapply the setting you like.
  • Currently when the 'Model Tree' is open you can see the data of a particular object but you can not directly select it (like a web link) you must export an xml or cvs file. This is fine for a technical person but for clients it is a little difficult.
Over all i think it is a great little tool and worth reviewing yourself.

Video below of my review and sample PDF can be downloaded here.
06 Sample File (with model tree) Note: you have to download the file to your computer to be able to review the 3D content, it will not work in Google documents directly




Anonymous said...


There’s a useful workflow in relation to inserting 3D pdf’s into a working document contained with Mike Belke tutorial
on generating 3D PDF output from a MicroStation 3D model.
It’s my view that 3DA System plugin functionality should be inbuilt into Revit standard package similar to way it’s inbuilt into Bentley MicroStation software.


Peter McCarthy . said...

yeah i've tried the bentley one before with mixed results(didn't keep all the materials correct)and its a bit of a long winded route as you have to convert it twice, but yes it is a definate alternative.